Ambroise Dhenain
Ambroise Dhenain

Ambroise Dhenain

Hello World 👋
I'm Ambroise Dhenain, a 🇫🇷 entrepreneur, no-code & software developer who loves building things and solving problems. I also provide consulting services, mostly about no-code and as a Tech Advisor (co-CTO).
You can find me on StackOverflow, GitHub and Twitter — check out my bio for more info.

My primary activity is to be the CTO of my small company (co-founded), and I deal daily with everything related to technology, from hardware to software, from security to product delivery, from leading innovation to pushing the business.
I also provide my services as a consultant, where I advise founders and makers on how to build their product.
I can act both at the high-level as a Tech Advisor, and at the low-level of a (no-code) developer. I usually do both, starting with advising you on your project and help you define what to focus on and how to do it efficiently.
Here is a video featuring what I can do using Airtable and Stacker.
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