Ambroise Dhenain
Ambroise Dhenain

Ambroise Dhenain

Technology Consultant & Entrepreneur:

👋 Welcome to my professional space, where innovation meets impact.
I'm a 🇫🇷 French entrepreneur, technology consultant, and mentor driven by the mission to empower businesses and individuals through cutting-edge solutions. With a rock solid foundation in software development and a passion for no-code technologies, I've dedicated my career to building, advising, and leading projects that stand at the forefront of innovation.
My consulting practice is rooted in a deep understanding of technology's role in scaling businesses and solving complex challenges. Whether you're a startup founder seeking strategic advice on product development or a seasoned enterprise looking to innovate, I offer tailored consulting services that span technology strategy, product delivery, and team empowerment.
As the co-founder and CTO of Unly, my experience extends well beyond consulting to hands-on leadership in technology and product strategy. This dual perspective ensures that my consultancy is grounded in practical experience and aligned with the latest industry trends.
Beyond business, my commitment to social impact through technology is manifested in initiatives like the Propulseo Association and volunteering efforts that aim to break down educational barriers and foster empowerment.
I invite you to explore how we can work together to turn your vision into reality, leveraging the power of technology to create lasting impact.
I can act both at the strategy-level as a Tech Advisor, and at the technical-level of a (no-code) developer. I usually do both, starting with advising you on your project and also helping you define what to focus on and how to do it efficiently. I’ve been using no-code since before it was trending, as early as 2018. Since then, I have acquired a wide overview of the industry and I have a strong opinion on the tools I use, and those I rather avoid.
You can find me on StackOverflow, GitHub and Twitter — check out my bio for more info.


Here is a video quickly showing what I can do using Airtable and Stacker.
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